Image Gallery from Google Drive or Dropbox Folder


Is the following scenario possible:

  • Create a folder and upload images to dropbox or GDrive
  • Automatically write image URLs to Glide-sheet (a pre-defined row) to display an image gallery in glide?


I don’t know of a way to do that without writing some Google Script code. There are no sheet functions to read Drive directories and pull information from them.

Just did some quick searching, and I think you can set up Zapier to take new files in a Google drive folder and automatically change the sharing preference, then write that url to a sheet. Haven’t tried it myself, but it looks possible.

Hi, thx for your answers. I think I have to try Zapier (1st time :wink: - thx

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the problem is to “find” the correct row within Zapier.

I could not solve this.


You would let it write a new row in a Images sheet. Then on the existing sheet, that is your tab, create a relation and lookup to get an array of images to use for your image component.

Yes, but my usecase is the following:

in the app there are seminars, each seminar is a sheet row containing title, participants and photos.

To make life easier it would be great to just upload to a folder in Gdrive to have images diaplayed in the seminar detail page.

But i have no clue how to link the photos to a given seminar - I thought I would use the name of the folder in GDrive but in Zapier this is not accessible when selecting the row for editing.


Here is a pretty good tutorial on how to read files in drive folders and then put them in a spreadsheet. You would need to put the entire link to the files but that is doable since you can also get the Google file ID and build the link.

I wouldn’t let zapier edit an existing row. I think you need a new sheet to list each photo in it’s own row. I’m not overly familiar with Zapier, but I’m playing with it and learning, so I can’t give great advice. There is something to do with Parent ID so I wonder if this a folder ID that could be written to the sheet as well. Maybe you need to put each conference into it’s own folder, then let zapier write a sheet row with the share link and the parent Id. Somewhere you would have to obtain that parent ID and put it in a column in the conference row, so you have something to use for your relations.

Sorry, I’m not much help. Kind of in the same boat as you. Just trying to figure Zapier out myself.

Hi thx,

What I did is to create a new row including the share link to a new folder in dropbox. This was an easy Zap. For now this is good enough - photos can be viewed in dropbox/drive whatever by tapping a button in glideapp.

Maybe it is even better to not use glide as a big picture gallery at the moment …


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It is also possible to pull in the files but I could not find the parent name of the folder in the data only ids. For matching some identifier is needed which is also in glideapp - this should be something a content editor understands, I hoped for the folder’s name.


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Hi @milez, you could have a look at airtable / gdrive zapier integration, which allows to get gdrive docs links in an Airtable base. You could then create a view to see your images from Airtable, with this gallery gallery link displayed in Glide. I don’t know if airtable and Dropbox can integrate the same way using zapier, this is to be checked.

On more update:

When doing the Zap with dropbox a path to the file is pulled: /path/to/file
I think with this I could do some “magic” to match pictures with app contents.


Let me know if you get it to work. So are you saying that google doesn’t give you a folder name, but dropbox gives you a path, that you can split and get the folder name? I’m curious if you get this to work. This would be really cool if you can.

Hi . yes, Dropbox provides a path but the zap is not triggered in subfolders. This, again, makes it unusable for my needs :confused:

Google Drive: triggered by new files including subfolders but no filename or speaking path
Dropbox: speaking path but no subfolders


Hmm, so close. I suppose you could always create a zap for each folder and manually set the seminar name inside the zap. Unless you have several seminars, then it would be a lot of work.