Bulk Photo Upload

I understand to upload photo using File Picker or Image Picker.
But at my first, got existing data like 800++ rows with photo. How to upload the photos using google sheet?

To be exact, I have this kind of problem.

For each part number (Column B), had one photo. The photo is in Google Drive. But the first issue is, the photo name is not exactly the same.


Eg : Part number written in column B is 111362 (T) Used S65 but the Photo name in Google Drive is 111362.

Second issue, I have 800++ rows to be uploaded.

So you want to bulk upload photos from Google Drive to Glide with existing Google Drive links (do you even have them in the Sheet)? I don’t think there’s an easy way we can do that as of now.

I can only think of setting up a RPA to do this, but have to take into account the time to wait for the image to finish uploading, which could vary based on your file size.

Yeah…unless there’s a column that has the exact filename it will be really difficult to create something automated…

I noticed glide can read image with google drive link. What I thought is only can read with the Glide source.

So, it solved, I am using apps script to extract file name and the link.
and using vlookup with the file name.

Once again I must reiterate that using Google Drive links to display images in your app will be problematic. I don’t have a good solution for you now to bulk upload those to Glide storage but if it ever becomes available, I would advise you to do it that way.

Ooo can i know what problem will I faced if i’m using Google Drive links ?

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