Add many pictures to Glide

Good afternoon. I don’t understand how to add pictures to Glide. I have tons of images (about 500) that I would like to add to my application. When I add them to Google Sheets, the Glide does not display them. Adding them one by one with Google Drive by link is unrealistic. What are the adequate ways to add them? Thanks

Hola @maro

This might help you Adding images - Glide Library

@maro i have quite a few images in a cloudinary account. I have named the images smart so it is easy to reference them in a google sheet by use of an url.

Maybe you could use a robot to get the images into glide. I haven’t tried but I would think it could be possible

Thanks for the answer, but these are all methods for adding one by one, not a set

Yes, I can add by links, but if I do it for 500 images, then I will not want to continue any work:)
I would like to have a built-in method. I’m just surprised that no one seems to have had such a problem.