Uploading multiple images Google Sheet Chart at once

Hello again Glide Community,

At this time I am doing an advanced-charts Glide app. I’m constructing the charts automatically with VBA in Excel and then I send them into Google Sheet. Finally I download each .SVG image and upload them one by one in Glide.

Is there any chance to make quicker this last step?

As Glide does not allow to upload multiple images I think there could be a way to upload the images on a external program to obtain each URL and then paste them on the Glide connected Google Sheet.

Another way is to connect Cloudinary but I think you have to have a website to obtain the URL.

Can anyone help me with this? Thank you in advance!

Hope this would help you, regarding Cloudinary. It does require a website to have the multiple images upload function, but at least it’s an idea for your case.

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That seems quite cumbersome. Have you considered generating the charts dynamically in Glide using quickchart.io?


Hola Eric

What data source are you using to create your charts in Excel?

Is it an external source (MS SQL Server, ODBC) or you create/write it manually in your Excel file?


Yes, thank you @ThinhDinh that post I had already seen it and It’s useful but it makes me have a website for it. And the uploading it’s quite slow. I need to have another solution.

I am using the Spanish Goberment database which is on PC Axis. I export it to Excel and then I have a codified button that creates the graphs automatically with Visual Basic.

haha yes, but it took me an afternoon to program the Visual Basic code. It’s not hard. Quickchart.io I don’t think it could do the same and my code. As I have different graphs in the same excel sheet, and my code detects when the data starts and ends on each graph.

I have tried the Google Sheet Adds “Mass Uploader” but Glide does not detect an image inside a cell, it must me an URL. It could be a go to do a Webflow Integromat UploadCare to Google Sheet project, to be a quick and reliable programme and have it all automated. By now I will do it by hand but I will automate it in a near future.

You might be surprised at what can be done with Glide computed columns, quickchart, and a little imagination. Have a browse through the following topic for some inspiration…

Yes, that’s cool I already seen it. You have an image type chart and you insert data there. But in my case I have multiple excels like this:
FireShot Capture 039 - Libro1 (Recuperado).xlsm - Hojas de cálculo de Google - docs.google.com

As you can seen the chart data is separated in the Doc.

And the result in VBA Excel code is this:

It’s a XLColumScattered to 100% with the data inside each bar.

Are you sure I can achieve this on QuickChart?


Can you provide a reference to that chart type? (Google doesn’t seem to know about it)

Hola de nuevo,

Does your Spain Government database come from “Instituto Nacional de Estadística” (INE)?

If so, they have an API JSON service which will make your life easier and eliminate some manual steps that you are doing: Productos y Servicios / Datos abiertos / API JSON / Inicio

In this way, you can consult INE’s data from GS directly at any time, create your own queries and have data on the cloud to be read/used with other web services like Quickchart.io, Glide, Integromat, etc.

But again, I don’t know if you are working with INE’s database yet!

Feliz día!

Sorry, the name is: xl Column Stacked 100. I beleive GS has that type of chart.

No , it’s from another organism. Their database is hosted on PC Axis database and they don’t have any API JSON.

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Okay, or by another name… a 100% Stacked Bar Chart, yes?

That’s certainly possible with a combination of Glide + quickchart.
In fact, I posted an example demonstrating creating a Stacked Bar chart a while back…

The extra math required to make a 100% Stacked Bar should be reasonably straight forward with Glide computed columns.

Note that the only reason that I’m encouraging you down this path is that it will potentially save you a few manual steps, and your charts will appear instantly in the app.


Thank you @Darren_Murphy It’s great to know that! But I have to figure out how to transform the data. Quickchart is a go, but I don’t see clearly how to order the data to be in the data array.

Normally, I have this type of data:

As you can see each A,B,C,D is a chart. And I don’t see clearly how I could order this data vertically to be dynamic and easy to edit and transform. As Glide works only in colums I find it difficult to figure out.

Yeah, you’d probably need to flip that 90 degrees, and have a row for each year, then include a column that identifies the chart so you can use that as a filter.

For anyone interested I have solved it with Drive and Google Sheet Automation with Automate.io.

On Drive you can upload multiple images at once so if you say to Automate.io to extract de URL of each uploading and place it on the Google Sheet of your Glide Apps the problem is solved :slight_smile: