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Hi, I am wondering if it is possible if it is possible to access the URL of an image that has been uploaded in another column. In my table, each row will either have an image URL or an uploaded image

However, on the layout I want to show either the URL if it is not empty or the image field if it is not empty. If I could access the uploaded image URL then I could create a 3rd column that is a If-Then-else field to place an image URL in that column for every row and use that for my Layout.

I can see that the URL is this,w_500,c_limit/ when it’s published to the web but I i’d like to look this URL up


Tables don’t hold images. They only hold the urls for the images. That means that the image url is always there. If you want to display it, just point a text component to that image column.


Sorry I am not sure I know what you mean by pointing a text component to that image column.

Ideally I would like to display the URL in a colum in the data table.


If you change the column type to text, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

If you want to keep the image column, and display the URL in another column, add a Template column and use the Image column as a replacement value.

If you just want to display the URL on the screen somewhere, you can use any type of text component and point it at the Image column.

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Ah ok, it hasn’t been showing to me as an option becasue I hvae it set as a multi image column. I now have image column and am displaying the URL. Is there way to do the same but for a multi image column? Do I need to change it to an array first?

Thank you for your help

Okay, for a multi-image column you can either:

  • Use a Joined List column, which will give you a comma separated list of all URLs, or
  • Use a Single Value column to extract a specific URL from the array

ps. When asking questions, it’s always a good idea to include a screenshot of your data. We can usually get a much clearer picture then and it will save a bit of back and forth.

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Ok thank you and I will include a screenshot from now on

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