Image Url lookup to Constructed URL

Hi all.

I am generating a URL in a column that points to an image. Each row’s URL is unique. I cannot figure out how to create an Image data type column that references that URL column.

I can hard-code this url as an image’s source, and switch the column back to text to see the URL. but I cannot figure out how to get the image in each row of the Image column to reference the URL in the same row.

Has anyone found a work-around for this?

Do you have screenshots? Not sure I follow what you’re trying to do. Why do you need the column to be an image data type?

Thanks, Jeff. I want the user to see the image that is displayed at the url.

Here is my setup. Column A is the client’s URL, Column B encodes the client’s URL as a parameter in a URL and the result destination is a QR code image. I want column C to be the image held at the address in Column B.

If you use an image component, it will display the image, regardless if it is an image column type or not. As long as the url can rendered as an image using an image component on the front end, it doesn’t matter if the column type is image or not.


Thanks, Jeff. That worked when I referenced the url on the front end!

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