How to get images from outside

Hi everyone,

Just a newbie question:

Which is the most used way to get the images stored on Glide tables from an external web app? Only for showing in the external app.

Thanks in advance

Do you mean you want to import images to Glide Tables from an external source? If it can display well with Glide then you can just add your image links to the tables. Otherwise, you would have to download the images and upload them to Glide Tables either using the image column’s upload window or the image picker component.

it’s the other way around.
I have stored images in Glide tables and need to show them in my (another platform) web app.

If you create a template column in Glide and use the image column as a replacement value, this will expose the direct URL of the stored images. You can use that URL in your external app.

If you need to export the URLs in bulk, you could use a joined list column and send that via a webhook.

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Ok the direct URL will be work.
Thank you!

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