My app got slow

hello community
again I have the problem of my app pro
Within each inlinelist I have 5 images for each card and it will continue to upload.
and it gets slow on cell phones.
so I want to use the optimized images on an external server
now my question is to table the images table in my glide table and change the image type field to link type.
now instead of showing me the images it shows me the url of where it is hosted, that change means that I am using an external server or no?
how to do so that they are not so heavy?

Changing the column type does not change where the images live. Tables only store the location of the image. They do not store the actual image itself. An image column can render the image in the column, but it is still physically stored on a different server. It either uses Glide’s servers, or you point to a url on some other server. Images have never been stored in directly in the table. If you simply want to point the image to a different location, then change the url.


Thanks good observation, how could I optimize because the more photos there are, it becomes heavier and they complained about my app