Fastest way to load images?

Hi Gliders,

What is the fastest way to load images on glide app? images in Image component and line list list, take a while to load in.

Please share the best way to load images faster!! :slight_smile:

The quickest way I can think of would be to show a list of all rows that need an image, add an image component to the details of each list item, then set the action to ‘Upload Image’. This will allow you to go through each list item and drag and drop an image into the image component to upload it.

sorry i think i didnt phrase that right :frowning:

I mean to say, how to get images to load up faster, that are already uploaded on to the app. Unless they are cached, they take a while to come up.

I don’t think there is much you can do. You can try making the images smaller, but glide already does optimization on images depending on if they are in an image component or in a list and depending on the the type of device used. Images are cached as they are needed for display purposes.

My only thought, which I haven’t had the need to try, is to maybe have an inline list of all images on the initial app screen, but maybe hide the list from view using CSS. My thought is that it would still cache the images, but you wouldn’t see it on the screen. Probably not an ideal method, but just an idea. Otherwise I would try to structure the app so there isn’t so many images that have to be cached each time. I’m not sure what else you can do.

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