How can I cause my images to update whenever they change?

In the glide together meeting today, someone asked about using Dropbox and how glide was caching pics.
You asked how this might be used. Here is what I want to do:
I want to update the pic as “App updated on” - and have the date when I updated the app as the picture. So, when I change the pic. Then it will be updated on the app. (Just my thought)

Potentially I have a friend that has a “student of the week” picture that would change periodically. So she would would need the same link, but the student name (in the pic) to change.

BTW - this also happens when I use google drawings to publish a pic. Glide grabs it, but just the first time.

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Images are cached aggressively.

You can work around this by causing your URL to update when data changes:


Here I’ve made a URL that changes every time the value in F2 changes. I’ve added a fake URL parameter, cachebust (the name does not matter), at the end of the URL. This is totally ignored, but it makes the URL look brand new when the data changes.


So. Where does this url go? In the spreadsheet?i

Yes, thats how all images work in Glide apps — they are in your spreadsheet.

sorry. I meant should it go in F2? The cell reference in the above example?

Ok. I have gotten it to change when I change the url. But not when I change the cell Not ideal. I think I am missing something in the url.

The F2 is only an example column. You can use whichever column you want as long as whatever you are doing is causing the value in that column to change. A good example could be a date that’s filled from the app via the date special value. Any edits to your data could automatically update the date column, which can be attended to the url.

Very beginner here. He says to add this. Am I including the & ?? Am I including the spaces?? Am I including the “ “ ??!


Yes, exactly like he wrote it…with the exception of your own image URL of course.

Got it. Thanks. I feel silly. I did not see the = sign at the BEGINNING of what he typed. Works now!!


We have a feature called Text Template Columns coming to Glide very soon that should make this easier.

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Looking forward to that. I do a lot of joining of text into new columns on the sheet side. There’s always a delay after adding a new row until the new text shows up in the app.

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That’s exactly why we’re doing it! I deal with the same issues. I’m excited to hear your feedback after we release it.


@david i have the same problem showed above.
I use the app for showing scheduled meeting and the calendar’s images changes every day.
In my spreadsheet’s cells i have url like this one

how can i force the app to refresh and reload the images every time i load it ?
Thanks in advance

In my case I have a pro account, but I have many images per user, how can I optimize or prevent it from loading each time.
I’m using glidetables, I also don’t know what resolution or what size is recommended to upload it, for example I don’t think it’s even upload 1920x1080 maybe it’s better to cut ah let’s say 800x600, can you help me @david

Could you explain a little more I am using glidetables, and I have many images and I don’t want it to update all the time, what do I have to do?