Changing photo at URL location doesn't update App

My app includes a photo of each person, with a URL in the PHOTO column of the google sheet. When I update the photo at that URL, it doesn’t change in the app. I understand why (the app very intelligently and wisely and efficiently keeps its own smaller image of the original photo). Is here a workaround for this?
I even tried changing the URL, and then changing it back to the original. But Glide outsmarted me and recognized that I was using the original URL and used the original smaller version.
BTW, the reason I don’t change the URL is that I’m getting that URL from another application.

Use the Template column in the data editor to add a dummy parameter at the end of the URL, like “&version=1”

I must have misunderstood. I changed the URL in the spreadsheet from


and now no picture appears.

Replace “&version” by “?version”

The & is to put only if there is another parameter at the end of the url (params start after the ?). In your case, there’s no parameter in your initial url, so the ? to start and then the version parameter.

I have tested, it works fine.

That worked! Thanks!