Photos don't update when referenced by URLs

I have an app that displays a catalog of items using the Cards style of controls. The image is associated with a column in a Glide data table that references a URL. I have updated the photo on the referenced URL but the Glide app continues to display the original image that was referenced. I have cleared the browser cache multiple times, I’ve unlinked and relinked the data set, I’ve changed the URL reference for the photo and then changed it back to what it should be, I have tried any number of things I can think of to force Glide to refresh the photo that is being referenced by the URL to no avail. How can you force Glide to refresh the data set? It’s as if Glide has downloaded the original photo that was referenced by the URL and there is nothing you can do to get it to refresh the content without deleting your entire app and starting over from scratch. Any help would be appreciated.


Images are heavily cached.

There are a couple of ways around this. One is to add a query parameter to your image url using a template column. The query parameter could be anything as long as it’s value changes whenever you need to image to update. So some kind of user interaction could change a column value, which would change the query parameter in the template column. The other option is to still use a query parameter, but the value would be a date or a date/time combination. You’ll have to be careful though, because any time the date time value changes, it will cause the image to reload.

So, I guess my main question would be how often do you expect the image to change? Is it at regular intervals, or is it just occasionally and manually?

The images are stored in a CDN and they are updated manually but only if there was a mistake in the original upload. Of the 1200 images in our last catalog, there were 8 images that had to be updated on the CDN. I’m still trying to process your solution as a workaround, but it would seem Glide would provide the ability to force some type of refresh of cached images.

It would be variation of something like below. I guess I can’t say for sure if glide is doing the caching or your browser. I would lean partially to both. The browser on the end user’s device is downloading and rendering the images. However, glide does format images for efficiency.

This is the usual way I do, but yeah, it gets a bit slow when you’re updating every 10 secs. I usually have a math column to make it update every hour or every X minutes, 10 secs is a reach.

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