Image wrong data versus app presentation

I have an image that is in the data correctly but is still showing the old? Normally I wouldn’t get too excited about this, but it’s a new client and I have a tuna dish where a bowl of Jambalaya should be. This is one of the best chefs in our city so I am only going to get one shot at this. #murpheyisinthehouse

It’s not a browser cache thing on my end. I checked it with a device that had never been.

What am I doing wrong? I am newish.


Images are aggressively cached. Your image will not update unless the image link also updates. Make sure you change the URL of the image.

I did. It didn’t change on my end? I’ve never seen this actually and am reaching out for help. I could be doing something wrong but I am doing something monumental with Glide and I have to not lose people about now. :slight_smile:

This is the image I see in the database. is not what any of my devices see?

The URL is Thanks for looking at this for me.

I moved the issue list results to the About tab at the bottom, called Test. The new inline list is seeing the same wrong image, BTW. I filtered the landing tab until we can figure out what is the problem. Thank you!

Can you confirm the url you have in your sheet? This is the url I find when I inspect the image element in chrome.

That is not what I see in my Glide interface. This is what the image should be. I have tried multiple URL multiple images, it shows up fine in my Glide database view, but the image doesn’t change in the app?

This is what it should be. I did notice that Glide says image not found and is not building thumbs for the images that are working correctly. I try to use Google Drive for my images,


Do you have any screenshots of the image column in the data editor as well as screenshots of the settings for your image component?

I turned the column to an Image type and now the URL doesn’t show. If I change it to anything other, say back to Link, it doesn’t take? The column type reverts to back to an Image type when I click Done? In the temporary state of me trying to change the column type back to Link, it does show the URL.

It’s the bottom entry (Jambalaya!!), everything else on the list is showing correctly.

Maybe I’m confused or not seeing enough of your data structure. That looks to me like a menu sheet and you data in the app appears to be a business listing. Are you sure you are trying to change the url in the correct sheet? I’m just trying to understand your data.

I found the issue. It’s my side. I should have not built outside the platform. :slight_smile:

A wise Glider warned me of this and now he is rewriting the app for me completely in Glide. Listen up new developers, don’t overthink it, commit to the platform. Thanks, Jeff

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Just out of curiosity, what exactly what do you mean by “built outside the platform”?


We built an advertising management system for small business outside of Glideapps using sheets. It’s very confusing trying to keep track of it as it scales. This coming week we release a v2.0 where we ditch the sheets (proof of concept) and move everything to the phone using Glide.