Sync not working changing the source

Hello, I just changed the source of some images in the App but the sync seems not to work.
First, I uploaded some images in Glide Tables but, since this set of images was wrong, I decided to change, changing also the source: instead of uploading the images, I wanted to use the URL link. I deleted all the images and repopulated the related column in the Table with the URL address.
Result: the images in the related table appear to be updated but the App is still showing the old images.
Any suggestion?

So you don’t see the right images, even in the Glide builder?

What type of “URL” are you using? Can you show us how you’re setting up the components?

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in the Glide builder (so, in the Glide Tables) all the pictures appears to be updated with the new link (for example: but in the App, the images are still the old ones.
This is the screenshot showing the current App with the old image

It seems like the images that I uploaded the first time are still there and overrule the new setting

Most likely the device browsers are caching the images.
Try adding a random dummy parameter to the end of the image URLs - something like the following:

magic Darren, thanks a lot: it worked…

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