Hosting images on Glide storage

As I have created my Walking Tour Glide app I have been less than careful about where I store my images. I have read the various posts in this forum recommending that all images be stored on the Glide provided image storage, and can see that this is important in cleaning up my app:

OK. So, how I should correct the situation where images are stored in multiple places not part of the Glide image storage? Strikes me that unless it already exists, I need to polish up my Google App Strips talents and write an app that will traverse my Google Spreadsheet looking for any cells in any sheets of my spreadsheet and replace URLs with any images that are not already on Glide provided image storage.

I can imagine how to do most of this but the part that I don’t know how to do from Google App Scripts is the API call to cause Glide to accept a non-Glide image URL and return a Glide image URL to the copied image in the Glide image storage.


  1. Has anybody already done this (or want to do this :slight_smile: ) or something like it?
  2. Is there an API to the Glide image storage functionality?


– Harry

I don’t think that’s possible (ie. the answer to your second question is probably no)

I proposed this to this section (Feature Requests) to tease out what needs to be added to Glide to make kind of thing possible. Cleanup after development is important for the integrity of an app, and so things like an API to some of the Glide mechanisms is relevant for consideration.

I was wondering if the URL is downloaded in the storage as well. Sometimes I don’t necessarily want to create another column to upload an image so I upload it to a random column on a sheet not being used in the app then head to my google sheets to copy the URL. I delete the image from glide sheets, but then use the URL as a custom URL for the image component. Will this hold up over time? So far the images I added this way are still being displayed, but wondering if they will disappear later…

If you are using glide to store images, and the url is used anywhere in your app, it should remain in storage until 30 days after you stop using it for any apps.

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What is ‘using the url’ counted as?

It’s in the data that’s being used by any app. If the url is in a sheet that’s not being used in any way by that app, then I would have to assume that any image urls are vulnerable to being deleted.

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Hmm ok, will host them elsewhere to be safe. Thanks!

Yes, but from what I have read on the forum about Glide doing lot of things with images they store (e.g. pre-scaling images to the size of target devices) you will be sacrificing the performance of your app if you store images elsewhere.

This true, correct?