Link to access image not working


my employees use a Glide App to take pictures of receipts. Their supervisor can take a look at those receipts on the connected Google Sheets.

It looks like some of those links give me this error. Any idea why some of them, but not all of them trigge the error?

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.


Access denied.

Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object.

Are those images stored in Glide’s storage, or somewhere else? Is it easy to reproduce the problem? Could you take a picture of a random object, where you can reproduce the link not working, and then share the url here?

I am not able to reproduce the problem. I have over 1000 images saved so far at it seems like a few of the ones we captured on December 9 are unavailable. Those taken before and after seem fine (only did some spot checks).

Basically those pictures captured with a glide app (that uses Google Sheets as a DB) are transfered to an other google sheets after a week and are removed from the original google sheets.

Just to make sure that you are aware, if images are stored in glide’s file storage and the url is removed from the database, then glide will eventually see that the images are no longer used by any glide apps and will eventually delete the images. That is one of the reasons why I ask where the images are being stored. The other reason is to determine if images were transferred to google drive, dropbox, etc. and maybe you have a permissions issue with whatever third party file storage provider you are using.

Another question I have, can you view the images within the app at all? I’m also trying to determine if something is in place that only allows the images to be view within the app as opposed to viewing them outside of the app in a browser.

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It was a while ago so I’m not sure if those URLs were removed, but my Integromat scenario could not read video URLs passed through a webhook in some cases, that was strange.

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I does work if I put them back in and check via the app. I just found it weird that some work and some dont. I guess I will just keep them in the original Google Sheet I guess. Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

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hi @djudes have the same problem …how you get to the solution?

@Jeff_Hager is there a way to get the picture form glide database? …I try to get a 3 months ago pictures

The urls are stored in your tables. If you have access to the url, then you should have access to the image.

As you can see, the links doesn’t show up in my APP Table, and when click in the google sheets, show the error notification

It doesn’t surprise me that you don’t see urls in the Glide data editor because it’s formatted as an image column type, but what does surprise me is that it’s not rendering an image.

Were any those urls removed from your table for any length of time and then re-added?

I changed to “url” , the links now show up at the glide app.
Unfortunatly still without showing up the image.

No, I didn’t removed the url

Is this really what your urls look like, or did you erase the rest of the url for the screenshot? Seems to be missing something.

No, the url is complete

I’ve seen that XML error message before, but I’m not sure what causes it to show up or not. It’s my impression that files uploaded to Glide storage are typically public as long as you know the url, so if you know the url you should be able to open the link outside of the app. However I’m not completely positive on that.

As for the images not showing within your app, that seems to be the bigger problem, and I’m really not sure why. My only other thought is that maybe you went over your storage limit for your plan and Glide deleted files after being over the limit for more than a month.

At this point, I don’t think this is something that can be solved in the forum. You would have to contact Glide support

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