Issue with images

Hi There, Glide Community.

I have an issue where i uploaded images with links from my Google sheets. The issue is that the images only shows when I use Microsoft Edge. Therefore, if a user makes use of any other browsers such as chrome, the images do not show in the app. I have tried clearing all my chrome cache and updated my chrome to see if that could work, but it seems that may not still be the solution. Can anyone please point me in the right direction?


Where are the images hosted?

You need to ensure that they are publicly accessible.

Hi the images are hosted on the Google sheets linked to the app I tested it myself as the author, and it still does not show so i do not think that would perhaps be the issue.


The one image attached here shows what shows when i use MS Edge vs when i use any other browsers.


this one shows when i use MS Edge

Can you provide the URL of one of the images that does not work, please?

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Hi there here is the google drive link:

That is not a publicly accessible image. Try to open that image in an incognito browser window while not signed into your Google account. You will see that it’s not accessible.

It’s not the browser. It’s the fact that you are already signed into your Google account in your Edge browser. Other browsers may not be signed into that same account, and definitely other users won’t be.

Images need to be public to work with Glide. Change the sharing permissions for those images in Google Drive or upload the images to Glide.

This is what I get when I try to view your image.