Image not being displayed in some cases


I have uploaded a pic on the front page of my app. While preparing the app i was constantly using it on my mobile, so as to review it.

Now my app is finalised and it has a pics, one of them on front page and few other on different pages. These images are appearing only on the mobile on which i was earlier reviewing my app, during preparing the app.

The images are not being displayed on any other mobile. I tried to install the app on few different mobiles but the images are not appearing on any of them.

Then what i did was, i uninstall the app from my original mobile, and again installed the app, but in this case, the images were visible…but not on the other mobiles, even after uninstalling and installing the app.

In glideapp, the app is working fine. It is showing the images

Where are the images hosted?

Images are hosted in the google drive, in a separate folder from Google Spreadsheet

Check that they are publicly accessible. Post one of the image URLs here and we’ll help you verify that.

It’s generally recommended to host your images on Glide.

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I made them publicly accessible and it is now working. Thanks :+1:

Between, where i can host my images on Glide ?