Images load on website but not on app

This isn’t my first rodeo, but first time this school year. I make a faculty directory every year.

On the web version when I’m editing, an image shows up for each staff member for whom I have a photo/ Google image link.

In the app, however, many of the images don’t load.

I have tried editing the https / http but that doesn’t help.

This is a link

Here’s a photo from my phone

I have seen the suggestions to host the images elsewhere, but I haven’t tried that, at least not yet.

If anyone has another suggestion, please let me know.

This comes up often, so I’ll ask the usual questions. :wink:

  • Where do you store the images? (Glide, Google Drive, Another Third Party host)
  • If Google Drive or another third party, are the images publicly shared, or is your google account the only one with access to view the images?
  • If Google Drive or another third party, is there a preference or reason for storing images outside of glide? Generally Google Drive is not good or reliable for image hosting and not intending for hosting images that are viewed on other websites or apps. It will work as long as the image is publicly accessible, but sometimes google will put restrictions on it if they feel it’s being abused. I would advise using glide for your image hosting if at all possible.
  • HTTPS is required. HTTP will not work.

Thank you, Jeff.

Did Jeff’s answer solve your case? Do you need more help?

No, not yet. Any suggestions welcome. I ran out of time to try anything further at work today.

Please check all of Jeff’s suggestions above. Normally when these problems are posted to our forum, it’s because of sharing permissions or Google Images/Google Drive issues.

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