Images not loading in the phone version of the app

Hi there!
I created an app that, although not finished yet, works well on my computer, but I have issues with the images on the phone version. They all show up when I work the app on my PC but after installing the app on my phone, I found out some images are missing and I have no idea why.
Anyone else has had that problem? Any reason and solution to offer?
Thanks to all.


Can you verify that you are using Google Drive and your images are not set to publicly shared?

Well some of the images are on the drive and some other are online… it’s looks like a random problem. But none of the images that are on the drive show up for sure…

Your image links need to be https://, not http://, to load on your phone.

Please share an example image link that doesn’t work if this wasn’t the problem.

For these reasons and more, we encourage you to upload your images and let Glide host them. You can learn how to do this in our documentation:

So you mean my images should be on my drive? Two of them are actually on the drive and they don’t show up… Here’s a screenshot of the links

He means you should download the image and upload them on Glide’s storage so it would not face this problem.

Can you check again that the images on your Drive are publicly shared?

How do I know there are publicly shared?? What tells me they are?
When I try to share the images, I get the dialog boxes below with people or emails to enter, but nothing offers to share “publicly”… I’m confused. And very frustrated to say the least.

Ok, I got it working… phrasing issues here with the term “public” (I’m ESL). Thanks a lot for your help.