Images not displaying on mobile

I am trying to make an app that can list doctors. One feature I want is to show the profile picture of the doctor. It shows in the preview and the desktop website, but when I scan the QR code and use the mobile app, none of the images shows.

Where are the images hosted?

For best results, it’s recommended to upload your images directly to Glide.


Hey, Darren. Thanks for the quick response. I think I know the issue now that you mention it. The users fill out a google form, which automatically populates a Google spreadsheet with a link for the image, but the file is only shared with me, so when other people try to view the link, it is invalid.

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Yep. Make sure the folder that contains the images is set to anyone with the link can view.

Yes, that’s what I was getting at.

Just out of curiosity, why use a Google Form when you could use a Glide Form in your app?

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I didn’t want the form to be within the app. The form is for doctors to sign up to be listed, but the app is for patients.