Display images

I’ve got a problem displaying images on android, i don’t understand why because everything is all right on pc, maybe someone could help me please?

Can you share with us your app link and where are you storing the images?

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Yes it is : https://thankful-planes-9356.glideapp.io/
and it’s since a google sheet

I mean do you store them on Glide’s server (uploaded to Glide) or is it on your Drive or any other storage websites?

if you do not understand he means did you use an image picker or any other means for users to upload thier files

it is password protected

or was it by a llink

on my google drive

Can you check if they are all publicly shared?

they are free

on sharing settings are they shared with anyone with the link(link sharing)

we can see them on pc whithout problem

Can you temporarily change the app to public or share with us the password so we can check if we can see them?

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it’s public now

the link to the images in drive please

oh, excuse me, this ?

le lien vers les images

I can’t access this link you share, so it’s likely you have not set it to public. Can you please check that again? Thank you.

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i think it is the same case with his drive images

Accédez à Google Drive sur l’image, accédez aux paramètres de partage et définissez-la sur toute personne avec le lien peut afficher