Iphone での操作時、googleドライブの画像が表示されない



・google chrome


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Is your image set to be publicly visible for all users, or do you have it set to only be visible to your own Google account? The image needs to be public.



iphone - safariの組み合わせが良くないと推察しています。

This image needs to be set to public. Otherwise only you can view the image. I assume you are logged into your google account on your android and google chrome and you are not logged into your google account on your iphone and safari. Your users do not have access to your personal google account, so they will not be able to see the image if it’s not set to public. If you open the image link in an incognito window in chrome and you do not see the image, then it is not set to be shared publicly.




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Can you share a link to the image so we can see if it works for others?


Yes, but if we can’t prove that the link works outside of the app for anyone, then there is no guarantee that it will work inside the app. That’s why I would like to see the url for the image to see if I or others here have access to the image.

I have the same problem with iPad, and no problem with android even when both apps using the same google sheet, then same urls of images.
There were no problem before. Some of images disappear after few days ago only on iPad.

Why some images only when accessing from iPad app shows the problem now, not before?

Are your images stored on Drive?

As stated above, make sure the images are publicly shared. If they are, also keep in mind that Google Drive isn’t always the best place to host images. Sometimes Google will block access if the images are accessed too often. You would have better luck storing the images within Glide.

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Hi ThinhDinh and Jeff,
Thank you for quick response!

My images were uploaded from iPad or android terminal to app. I believe that mean images are not saved into my Google drive.
This is important difference compaired with the first questionnaire.

Do you have a link for us to test?

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Okay, I will send you a link soon.

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Status update:
I found that this problem occur not only iPad. On edit screen, some of images are not shown even on Android phone.
Cause of this problem not unveiled, but I have decided to re-uploading disappeared images.