I cannot access the photo link in google sheet

Hello, I have an app that the users can upload photo from the app since 2018, however when I click the image link in google sheet “https://storage.googleapis.com/glide-prod.appspot.com/uploads…” for the image that was uploaded in the past years, I couldn’t access. The screen displayed this following message.

“AccessDeniedAccess denied.Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.get access to the Google Cloud Storage object.”

I have tried to log out all my emails and sign in to google sheet with my email that has account with glide, but still couldn’t open the image. Somehow I can only access the images that were uploads recently.

Does this happen to anyone? any suggestion will be appreciated, thank you!

Are those older images still referenced anywhere in your app? If not, they may have been deleted from Glide storage.


Hi Darren, Thank you for your reply! Those images are not referenced anywhere in the app now. I guess that must be the case, then I have made a big mistake by using the app as a tool to enter images that I want to archived into the google sheet! :grimacing: I had no idea that they will be deleted. Is there a way to retrieve those images back, or would i lost them forever?
Thank you very much :pray:

Unfortunately, if they have been deleted, we have no way to retrieve them.

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Hi Santiago, ok thank you for the reply! I’m in trouble but at least I learned! :smiling_face_with_tear:

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