Images not the same

The images on my desktop don’t seem to download to my published app on my phone. Is that because I have exceeded my limit in storage space? or some other reason?

Where do you store those images?

I load them into the google sheet used for the app. They are loaded into the app when I am looking at it on my desktop. But having publish and loaded the app to my phone, those images are no longer there. I have not been in Glide for a while and this seems very different behaviours than in the past. Usually to load the image into the app on my desktop I just drag it to the image location I want.

So your image link follows the “storage.googleapis” etc. template, is that correct?

Yes … for example

but this is the only one on my app. it won’t let me add any others. You used to be able to drag and drop onto the image and another one was created and saved, but that is not occurring now. Have things changed?

Would adding images via image picker work?