Images not showing up on downloaded app?

Hi all! Just published our app for the first time! One problem we can’t figure out… the images in a collection within the glide app builder are showing up beautifully… but when we open it on our phones the images don’t show up?

but it looks like this in the glide app builder

Any idea why this might be happening?

Where are your images stored?

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So sorry for the delay… the images are stored in a google sheet using a hyperlink. We have this data stored the same way in other pages and its showing up fine, just not on this page for some reason?

Can you provide one of the image links so we can test?

The usual cause of this is that the links are not public.
Storing images for Glide in GDrive is not recommended. Instead it’s recommended to use Glide storage.


Ah-ha! That’s the problem then. The images are stored in the drive, and the links are to the image in drive.

Incredibly helpful - thank you!

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