Images not appearing in my app

Is anyone aware of why images are not showing on my app but they appear on my glide screen and in my glide sheet? I used to have an issue where my images would disappear on my glide sheet and I would have to keep reloading them but this seems to be something different and is critical as to whether or not I move up to the pro plan or move to another no code platform.

Any help, advice or comments would be greatly appreciated

Where are the images stored?

Hi Jeff,

I have uploaded them to on an image column in my glide sheet.

Ok, so I assume they are in glide’s storage. That’s the best option.

When you say they are not showing in your app, how are you trying to display the image? In a list, or with an image component?

Is your image column set as user specific by any chance?

Do you use Row Owners in your app?

It was set to user specific. Which is a little strange because it only stopped working a couple of days ago and it was not originally set to that.

Thanks so much for your help Jeff

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Yeah, if it’s user specific, then the url for that image will only be visible to the user that uploaded that image. Sounds like the culprit.


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