How to improve Glide page speed

Hi @StephM, here are a few general ideas:


  1. Data sync: use Glide Tables rather than Google Sheets.
  2. Calculations: create computed columns in Glide Tables rather than in Google Sheets.
  3. Data download to user’s device: use row owners and roles (Private Pro plan) rather than filtering and visibility features. This also has security benefits.


  1. Image hosting: host/upload images within Glide rather than in Google Drive or another server. Caveat: be weary of Glide limits.
  2. Image format: optimize format. For example, jpg in general, png for transparency, gif if few colors/edges or animated graphics, svg for icon/logos.
  3. Image compression: compress your images, especially lossless formats such as png, gif, svg.
  4. Image dimensions: think about if you’re optimizing for the web, smartphone, retina display, etc.

3rd party integrations/features: be picky with the use of Zapier, Integromat, webhooks, Google Sheets, Apps Script, Cloudinary, Quickchart.

Other ideas from @Mark_Turrell