Glide Image Optimization

Hello All! I hope everyone is staying safe.

I have a question about image optimization. I feel like I’m having some issues with load time. Does Glide automatically optimize whatever image I load, or the link that I give it? Or would it be better to upload images after I have already optimized them for the web?

Any information or a link to the documentation would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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As far as I’m aware they are not optimised.

I’ve been using this

It’s super easy to drag and drop a bunch of images into the ‘Resize to 800px width’ preset


Like @Jaime mentioned, it’s best to scale all your images down to 800px wide (I use PhotoBulk on the Mac for this). I crop everything to a 4:3 aspect ratio (which is the iPhone’s default) and they work well when they’re automatically scaled and cropped by Glide. I also compress the JPG images with ImageOptim (another Mac app) to make them as small as possible (typically 250k or smaller).

All of my images are hosted on a Google Drive and I just have links to them in the Google Sheet for my app.

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That sound’s like the way to go. Thank you!

So the problem that I’m running into is that I can only past a link to the image from google drive, which in turn turns my data column in Slide Data into a link column from an image column. Thoughts?

All images should display as urls in the sheet. Then you use an image component to display it.

I’m only displaying images in cards and tiles so I have to select it from the sheet. The problem with using a link is the users also upload their image and if I change where they upload it to as a link they will only be able to post the link and not the image.

If they are uploading through the app, use the image picker. It will upload the image to to Glide’s servers and save the resulting url in the sheet. The image picker and the tile/card image setting should point to the same column.

I’ll give that a shot. Thank you

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So the image portion worked well for that user section. Thank You!

Can I ask you, if your using Google drive to host your image, are you just using the share link url in the spreadsheet? Is there a quicker or better way about doing this?

Some, but not all of my images are hosted in Google drive. Yes, I use the share url pasted in the sheet to display the images in the app. Any other images have either been uploaded via the image picker, or I used the drag and drop method to upload the image from my computer directly into the component. Regardless of which method I’ve used or where the image is hosted, the result is the same with a url in the sheet cell.

Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

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