Focus on speed - tricks to optimize loading and passing data

I am moving towards going live with my app - which means lots of bug testing!

One thing that struck me was how slow some things can be, and how some things seem to be relatively easy to improve:

  • set a boolean to false is faster than ‘clear current value’ – I did a few tests, and maybe I was not looking right, but just making this change seemed to save about 4-5 seconds on one screen (I use this for ‘quit’ which then deletes a row… and sets a value for the user ‘hasStartedTest’ would no longer be true… BUT clearing the value takes 5 seconds… which means the user can get lost if they click too fast)

  • displaying images - the first time an image is displayed it can take a few seconds :frowning: @Robert_Petitto suggested changing the title CSS (but I do not know what to do - so help appreciated!)

  • ordering actions - sometimes you need to think carefully about what order the actions in a compound action take place. If you do it in the wrong order, you get weird screen flashes, etc (ok, not weird, it is the functionality working as it is supposed to, but weird for the user)

  • sharing data between apps - when you use the same Google Sheet, imagine a user on one side clicks a button (Start process!) and on the other side the agent is waiting to see the button. Well, if you are using a cell in a Google Sheet, then they need to be patient, around 25-45 seconds patient (a not-good thing). I tested with using a Glide Table instead and the latency is only 3-4 seconds - so a good thing. (now all I need to do is redo how that part of the functionality works)

Any other tips?


I was wondering if I can fool Glide into loading all the images I will use in the app early in the user journey, hidden from view but accessible immediately in the device later.

My idea is to have an inline list that has all my images (I store the app images in a single sheet called ‘Images’) and then use CSS to make the component invisible to the eye, but not to Glide.

Makes sense? Any CSS magic to accomplish this?



@mark you might have to wait another month and the issue could potentially be improved a lot - when Glide is about to introduce off-line mode

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