How to allow user to open uploaded file-Pages

Kindly, I have a file picker component at Glide Pages form.

How can i represent the uploaded file, and allow users to view or download it?.

Hi Hani,

Trying using the “link” component, and pointing it to to the file-picker column. In the configuration you can display the actual URL text or you can display some other text that will link to the file.

Thank you, i will try that.

@Dan_San i could not find the “Link” component in Pages. :disappointed:

Hi @Hani_Ibrahim,

You can add the Open Lick action to a button or to the list and point that column where the file is stored!

Thank you

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it seams a good work around too, i hope it will work.

Thank you for your respected time and answers :pray:

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I believe you can view the file inside the Page when Glide Team released Web View for Pages!

I hope so.