How can I add downloadable pdfs to my app?

I have a “Links” section on my apps, with a bunch of links to resources, products and freebies. In my “Freebies” section, I want to add downloadable pdf that people can click and download for their personal use. How can I incorporate that to my app?

You can add those “downloadable PDF” as their own rows, with let’s say a title for each file, and use the file picker component in the add screen to upload the files.

Then show a list of those files, set the action to “Open Link”, point to the file link and they can be downloaded when the user opens the link (not direct download, but can be downloaded on the destination URL).

Thank you! Let me see if I can set this up and I’ll keep you posted if this resolves the issue.

I found the file picker component but I can’t seem to find how to set the action to “open link”? Right now, I do see the .pdf file I want people to view but the button opens up as if users could upload files.

Can you provide some screenshots on how you’re setting it up?

This is what I currently have…

If I click on the .pdf, a screen opens up to uploads a file…

The FilePicker component is for uploading files.

If you want to allow your users to download a file, you can use something like a Link Component.

(You could actually use any component that supports actions and set the action to Open Link, but Link Component is probably what you need here.)

Thank you! I will try that and see if I can manage to set it up correctly :+1:

I set up the “link” component but from where do I link my file? It’s a .pdf on my computer? How much access will users get if I’m able to somehow link it?

You need to:

  • create a column in your table to store your PDF files, and then
  • upload your PDF files to this column (this is where you could use the filepicker component)
  • then configure the link component to point at that column

Thanks a bunch…let me give it another try :+1:

On my table, where do I find the file picker component to upload my pdf to that column? I can’t seem to find that portion?

You won’t find it in the Data Editor, you’ll need to add it to the screen layout. Like you originally did back here…

A better way to do the above would be to allow editing (see Edit Form at top right), and then add the File Picker component to the Edit Form.

I feel like a dummy :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you for your patience and I will try that step next…

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This is what I get but not working?

What happens when you click on “Choose a file…” …nothing?
You should get a window that allows you to select a file from your computer.
What did you set the PDF column type as when you created it?

It allows me to upload my .pdf file, which looks good…

But once I check on my phone (pretending I’m an app user) I asks me to upload a file?

The PDF column is set to “TYPE”

Sorry, it’s set to TEXT not type :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sorry, I’m replying to myself and not you…not sure if you can still see my replies?

Yes, I can. Give me a little while to get back to you (I’m cooking my breakfast) :slight_smile:

Or somebody else might jump in…