How can I add downloadable pdfs to my app?

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I think you keep choosing EITHER the file picker component OR the link component. Add both components to the screen, then you will see how it works.

Yes, that’s what I have been doing. Let me try with both…

This is what my screen looks now…

When I hit the link icon, it does open up my pdf, that’s what I want it to do. Can users download?
Also, the bottom portion (file picker portion) if clicked, it still wants you to upload a file?
Something else I’m missing?

The other thing you really should do is move your File Picker to the Edit screen.

Just referring to your earlier screen shot:

You’ve enabled the “Allow users to edit” checkbox, that’s good.
When you tick that, you’ll see the pencil appear at the top right. Click on that and you’ll get an edit screen for the current item being viewed. This is where you should add your FilePicker.


I think it finally worked! Can I remove all the other items other than my file picker? Also, can I unblock allow users to edit, so no one else can delete that portion?

yes :slight_smile:

You want to control who can upload, yes?
This is possible, but you need to have User Profiles configured.
Let’s see if the bot can save me some typing :slight_smile:
@glide explain how to configure User Profiles and allow conditional editing based on a User Profile role value.

arr, like most of your replies you’re close, but not quite got the cigar.

@ArtzyDog - suggest you review the following:

Essentially all you need to do is set some value in your User Profile that identifies you as an “Admin” or “Editor” (or whatever), and then you can use that as an editing condition (only allow editing when a user has that value).

I think I understand. Can this user profile table just have me on it and only give permission to myself for editing? Also, do I need to keep the little pencil on the top right to do this or does it matter now that I have my screen like I wanted it to be?


That’s up to you. You can disable editing altogether, or you can keep it set up so only you see the edit pencil.

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Thank you for all of your help. I will try this tomorrow after letting my brain test a bit :rofl:

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I have a table already named “about”, which lists myself and one other user, plus it seems like the list will grow as users start using the app. This seems to be connected with the drop down menu that says “view as user”.
Can I add the column for permission on this table or do I need a new table named “user profile”?

It doesn’t matter what the name of the table is, but it needs to be configured as the User Profiles table.

It needs at least 3 columns:

  • Name (text column)
  • Email (email column)
  • Image (image column)

To configure it, go to Settings → Users & Authentication, and click on the Edit User Profiles button:

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Sounds like a plan…I’ll conquer this task today! :crazy_face:

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So I ran into this issue cause I made a change (I don’t remember what?) But can I change the file name to show the actual file name like under the file picker section?
Processing: Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 12.47.01 PM.png…
Processing: Screenshot 2023-02-06 at 12.47.10 PM.png…

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