Attachment field in Airtable isn't accessible in Glide

I created an Attachment field in Airtable and have uploaded multiple files to that one field.

I can show those attachments in Glide but I’m not able to add additional attachments to that field from Glide.

My ultimate goal is to show attachments (PDFs, Images, etc) to all users and make those clickable to open/download BUT also be able to upload additional attachments.

Any help or suggestions?

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Is there a workaround on this @Robert_Petitto ?

Multiple File Picker doesn’t seem to work here, so I don’t see a native way of accomplishing this. Seems like Glide should be able to support this… might need to be a feature request? I don’t think this is a bug.

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Is there a way to upload files with Glide and make those attachments visible to all users?

With an external data source such as Airtable, for whatever reason you can only create a Multiple Files column that is User Specific, so not very useful if other users need to see the files because only the user who uploaded the files will be able to see them. You can create a separate Glide Table with a multiple files column and a key to connect it to the rest of your data through a glide relation. That will allow multiple users to view the files, but those files/urls will not exist within your airtable. They will only live in glide unless you build an action flow to copy those urls from the glide column to an airtable column. Kind of a crappy situation with mediocre workarounds. The solution is great if you are completely within glide, but a little more difficult if you use external data sources.


I’m facing this exact same issue (with the photos field) and it kills a core use case of glide for me.

Do you have an example of how to set up the action flow to copy the data? I tried but was unable to find a way to do this. I need to have the photos uploaded ultimately live in Airtable.

How can we elevate this to a feature request?

Is the other way to handle this to delete out any images above 1 in the field so that it doesn’t show up as an array, and then just use the single image picker?

I’m not an Airtable user, and I have no idea about it’s capabilities.

But, what you might be able to do is create a Joined List column and target it at your Multi-file column. This will give you a comma-separated list of URLs. You could then use an action to write that list into a non-computed basic text column that syncs with Airtable. This would get all the file URLs into Airtable, and presumably you could do something with those?