Linked records question


Functionality question. Glidepages and airtable.

I have 2 tables.

  1. Users (app usertable)
  2. Customes

Each user has a role (sales, recruiter, Project coordinator)

Customers are just companies to use for CRM purposes.

Atm we have linked users to the customers as account managers. But we would like to also link the users whoose role is “project coordinator” to the customer.

So a customer can have both a account manager (userrole: sales) and project coordinator (userrole: project coordinator)

My solution, which Glide doesn’t like, is inside the customers table in airtable i’ve added another linked record to the users table and added to needed lookup fields to use in glidepages.

Then i’ve assigned a project coordinator on a customer who also have a account manager assigned (they all have) And refreshed the airtable data inside glide backend. The collumns appear inside the data tab, but the data (project coordinator information) doesn’t appear.

Is glide limited in this scenario?

I don’t know enough about linked records in Airtable, what I would do if it’s exclusively Glide Tables:

  • Add a multiple-choice component when you add/edit a customer.
  • Choose as many “linked users” as needed for each customer, saving their rowIDs to a column. It will be saved as a comma-delimited list of IDs.
  • Create a split text column to split those IDs into an array.
  • Create a relation from that array back to the Users table to get all the related users of a customer.
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Alternatively, have a column for the “Sales ID” and one other column for the “Project Coordinator ID”, then 2 choice components filtering the right users out to choose only 1.

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It shouldn’t be, no. The single-record link field should appear as a single relation column in Glide and the lookup should appear as a non-editable text column in Glide. If it’s not doing that, then book some time with me and I’ll help you troubleshoot.

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Hi Robert,

It is doing that, but, the data inside the colummns do not show. First i thought that Glide was down, but it doesn’t update the data.

I then tried changing the linked record for the account manager and it shows the changes immediately.