Can I assign a row to a linked record field in Airtable?

I would like to use a users table from Airtable as it links to another table where I have organisation level data.

One of my columns - Establishment - I want to assign as a role so I can then filter my data based on which Establishment the user is linked to.

When I use the native Users table from Glide this is fine, but when I try and use my Airtable users table (where Establishment is a linked record), I can’t assign a role to this column:

It doesn’t give me the option:

Is it possible to enable that column as a role somehow in the settings?

Two things…

First, you are trying to apply Role functionality to essentially a relation. I know linked records are similar to relations, but slightly different. Regardless, a relation is a link to a rows. Not columns. So there is nothing that specifies which column in the relation would contain the role.

Second, a user’s role cannot come from a computed column. Computed columns are typically computed on a user’s device, so all data would have to be downloaded before roles could be figured out, which defeats the whole purpose of using roles for data security. The only exception that I know of is an array that’s created by sequentially numbering columns in a google sheet. This creates an array in glide. Since that type of array if figured out server side, it can be used as a role column.

With that said, I don’t have any experience with airtable and integrating it with glide. What you are attempting to do doesn’t seem possible to me. Your user table can be still be an airtable table instead of a glide table, but roles have to be basic text, or if airtable works like google sheets, then an array of rolls created from multiple role columns that are sequentially numbered.

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