Airtable linked tables question

Hi All. New to Glide and amazed at how quickly I am getting up and running.

I have an existing structure in airtable that includes:

  • Companies
  • Agenda items

I am building an internal page for the companies where I can see the agenda items. All good so far.

However, when I click to add an agenda item, I want to fill in which company it was added for. This should come from the page viewed.

When I do this I can only see the option to store the company name as a text entry. The data source uses airtable linked rows, which I cannot see how to achieve.

As a temporary work-around I am setting this through a select (see screenshot), which works. This should be a preset hidden field though.

Does anyone have an example of how to do this?

You should be able to add Value components to your form which are hidden values that pass the value from the parent table through the form.

yes, I can do that, but it only stores the text value rather than the link to the record, which would then break logic elsewhere.

Ugh, the way people try to use Airtable with Glide honestly confuses me because I think they try to make column types that are specific to Airtable work with Glide logic. So are you trying to fill a Linked Record column or pull the company from a Linked Record? So the Company is not showing as an option in the list of components?

I was trying to use the existing structure as-is, mostly so that I can run the two systems in parallel whilst I develop. I’m not coming to the realisation that this might be overly optimistic.

Long term I am hoping that Glide is going to replace (almost) everything. In light of that I’m thinking I should just migrate and go glide native now. Probably best to make that call now rather than a few more weeks down the line.

I may have to defer to someone with Airtable experience, but on the surface what you are trying to do should be pretty simple. Especially if you are just filling basic column types instead of something like a Linked Record column type. Normally in Glide we fill a Basic column with a value, then have a separate Relation column to build the link between tables. Seems to me that Link Record columns try to serve the role of both a basic column and a relation at the same time. That’s the part that where I start to get confused…#imoly because I don’t have experience using Airtable.

I’m having trouble visualizing why you are having problems. Typically in a situation like yours, I would normal use a Value component to grab the Company and have it written to a company column in the form destination table without it being visible on the screen. When the form is submitted, the company would be automatically populated. Then I would rely on a separate Relation column to build the relation between the two tables by linking the company columns in both tables.

I think it makes sense for me to go native to be honest. I can see me fighting against the flow long-term otherwise. I appreciate the attempt to help, but I am already mostly done converting the data over to native Glide data. They certainly make it easy.

No doubt I will have new questions before too long!