Screen Value to Relation column in Airtable


I am creating an app from Airtable wherein Linked column is set up in Airtable which is being shown as Relation column in Glide.

I have two tables. Master Product and Items (child to Master product). While at detailed screen of Master Product, I have a form which can add Items to Master Product. I want Screen Value (“Master Product Name”) to write to relation column. But it does no allow. And I am also not thinking of any other way to do it.

Another way I thought to create text field in airtable and write this value to it but then I am not sure how would it link the record.

Any guidance will be appreciated.

Wouldn’t you have access to the “screen columns” if “Master Product Name” is one that is on the “details” screen under that form?

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Thank you for reply. Screen value is visible but destination column (which is relation column) is not visible in the list. You can see at right side. It shows only basic columns.

Ah, I don’t have knowledge about this to give further advice. I thought I only see the option to write to a “linked column” is through a choice component, or am I wrong?

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That is correct, it’s the only option. But problem is each user is assigned against each client. So client should be automatically selected.

Do you find any trick wherein I add a choice component which by default selects the client name from user table without being visible to user who is submitting the form? May be using filter etc.

If you can have a default value, then you can simply set the visibility to when “value” is empty. It will never be true.

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Thank you. I will try that. Using Airtable for Glide is really restricting at many points.

@ThinhDinh one more question. Is there any way we can have multi-step form in form element? I believe Custom form having user specific column (when user is signedin) will cost more updates.

Hi @ThinhDinh Somehow, I could filter the choice component to only show name of Client which is linked with Sign-in user. How to make sure, it is by default selected? Since the choice component is writing to relation column, it does not have an option for default value.

I don’t think there’s a solution. You would still have to set a value somewhere to control the step visibilities.

So the choice component’s default don’t let you choose from a column value?

If this is the case then I don’t have any good recommendations.

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Thank you @ThinhDinh for responses. I explored the community more and found that these are all limitations when I use airtable.

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Ah, that’s a shame. Hopefully the Airtable API might let Glide do more things in near future. Personally I haven’t used Airtable much.