How do I paste predefined value in a relation ship when using Airtable?

I’m using an Airtable database to track work logs in my wifes ceramics studio.

I have a tap called [Tasks], in airtable it has a multiple relationship to another tab called [Tracking]

I start in the [Tasks] tab and let the user select what kind of task she wants to log see below

Then I tried to make an action that first copies the name value of the [Task] row, then open a form and paste it into the relationship field in the [Tracking] tab (This works in airtable if you only have unique names) however that didn’t work. See below my trial setup.
It seems that I can only set values in the tab where from the action is triggered and not in the new form

Then I tried to just set an ‘show form’ action on the [Task] and then the form opens in [Tracking] it pulls through the name and the record id from the ‘Value from screen components’ however there is no way to make them write to my ‘Airtable relationship column’ only to ‘text columns’.

I think I can do what I want by making a relationship column directly in Glide and then make it work that way around, however it defeats the purpose of using the Airtable capability in the background, as more people chimes into the Airtable database and uses the relationship setup in airtable.

@Jeff_Hager mentioned in “Possible to have tiled list as a selector?” but I’m not sure if my problem is because I use Airtable (as you can see below there is nothing to change in the relationship setting for the Airtable relationship) or because I’m not doing it right?

This is my current database setups:

[Task Tab]

[Tracking Tab]

What’s the purpose of the Copy to Clipboard action? You shouldn’t need this unless you to intend to paste a value somewhere outside of your app.

When you click on a task, the first action should be a set column action. This set column action needs to write the the selected task to a table that will be accessible from the form. To do this, you need a single relation that links the task to either the signed in user’s profile row, or the table where the form was opened from. Then you would have access to that selected task as a Column value from the source table, or a value from the User Profile. (But on second thought, since you are opening a form from the selected task, you should be able to automatically pass the selected task through the form by adding a Columns component to your form.)

I’m not very familiar with Airtable or how well it integrates with Glide, but don’t discount the power of creating relations in Glide. It should be much faster and more convenient. As far as glide is concerned, you can set values through a single relation only.

I’m not following what you are trying to do here. Again, I’m not familiar with how airtable relations (or linked records) work, so I may be missing something, but why would you need to set a value in the airtable relation. I see you have a Task ID which I assume is where you write the selected task. I would think that’s all you need. Then any relations linking to and from that Task ID in your Tracking table should work automatically.

In my opinion, if I were to use airtable as a data source, I would use it purely as a database and do all of my computations and relations within Glide. Based on what I’ve read, airtable handles things differently from glide, and trying to get them to work together is a bit tricky.


I found the answer over [here](https://Airtable: want to add a new related record into a new table) it seems the capability is not yet build. So for now I’ll be doing the relationship separately in Glide as you suggested, and as an automation in Airtable to create the relationship - so for now, a bit of double work.
As I’m only a few tutorials and and a week into Glide I might eventually be comfortable enough just using Airtable as a database - as it seems it has some serious capabilities.

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