Possible to have tiled list as a selector?

I’m making a tracking app where I first want the user to select the type of work [Task Category] she is logging which then opens a form [Task log] where the type of work is then already preset where she then can select different items she’s been working on [Task items].

Rather than a drop down I thought the user experience would be nicer if the user on the first screen can choose from 6 different pictures as shown in screen shot below of the different task categories. There’ll be no need for the user to add or delete any of these categories they’ll be preset.

My currently have a list of task categories set up in tiles with and an action to open a form to task logs which all works, but my problem is if the user deletes a task log then the the whole Task category is also deleted. Which should should just act as a selector, and not a deletable record.

Is this not possible to have round tiles as selectors? or am I going about this completely the wrong way?

I think it’s better if you set it up as a choice component like this inside a form, it’s straightforward, looks great in my opinion, and you don’t have to worry about making workarounds data-wise to make it work.

If you still want it to work your way, then I think there’s some problem with this. Your inline list should open a form and do nothing else, and that should not have anything to do with your logs table. These choices should be in a separate table and not editable by any of the users.


You’re right it was the actions that was the problem.
I’m still trying to go around the choice component, to see if I can get it to work.

It’s completely possible to do what you want.

What I normally do is have a custom action on the tiles list. The first action should write that category either to the user profile record, or to a user specific column in the table that feeds your form. This is usually done through a single relation from the category table to your user profile or other table. Once you have that the the second action will open the form and you should have the chosen category already in the user or other table, where you can pass it through the form.


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