Recording what was displayed

OK so I think I know the answer to this, and I think it can’t be done, however I am amazed at the work arounds this community come up with so thought I’d share my thinking but I’m more than happy to accept it can’t be done.

I am showing users a list of 15 tiles each day at random, allowing them to choose 10 which I am recording using the trebuchet method. But now what I am thinking is whether there is a way of recording the 5 tiles not selected?

I worked out is it would be easier if the data wasn’t displayed randomly however that’s not a trade off I want to make.

Here’s where I got too, I’m using set column action to record selections however I can only use the set row action for this row, and of course the other issue is that as user taps a card to select it, it is replaced with another.

As I said I’m happy to accept it cant be done!

How are you recording which tiles do they choose each day? Do you have a row for each user every day?

No I have a sheet of users and I’ve set it to filter out signed in user and then sort randomly.