Write to a relationship field

Newb here… Wondering how I write to a relation field?

I’ve got one setup in Airtable, and another native Glide one.

But neither show up on the Add From screen?

In some cases I want to hardcode the value, in other cases, I want to set the values based on a dropdown where the source is the related table.

Based on what I’ve read about linked records in airtable, I think your glide relation would be better. But to be clear, a glide relation is a link to a row, or a series of rows in another table. Not a specific column. You can however set column values through a single relation.

With that said, it might help to have a better understanding of what exactly you are trying to achieve. I’m sure there is a way to get what you want, but we’ll need a better understanding of your problem.

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