How to link record (Airtable) automatically on creation?

Hi there,

I have 2 tables, Tasks and Projects, where a task belongs to 1 project and a project can have multiple tasks.

  • I created detail view for my project
  • I added a collection of tasks belonging to that project
  • I have a CTA allowing to create a task
  • I can select the project manually but there’s no way I can prefill that project value based on the project ID I’m currently visiting.

I’ve been looking a solution (that doesn’t involve doing stuff on Airtable due to latency between Glide <> Airtable syncing). Sounds like this is a Glide limitation but I also found a discussion on this forum where people seem to consider my use case doable. cc @Jimmy_Driver if you’re still around.

Did anyone manage to perform what I’m trying to do? Thanks a lot for your help!

I don’t fully understand Linked Records because I don’t use Airtable, and I don’t know what (if any) there might be for limitations when using them, but I do know they are similar to Glide Relations.

When in a form, you can add components. Many of those components include values from the parent table that is hosting the form. So if you are viewing a Project detail screen, and you have a form to add a task from there, you should be able to pass any values from the project row through the form into the task row.

How that all works with Linked Records…I don’t know. Normally I write values to a basic column and then create a Relation column to use that value to link to a value in another table.


Thanks a lot @Jeff_Hager I’m starting to figure things out thanks to you and someone else who provided good resource on another thread.

I also asked the question on the other thread, is it possible to have a similar workflow when creating items from a CTA shown in a collection (that have filters). In other words, is it possible to apply the combination of filters used to create the collection to the newly created record? I believe it’s not.

Thanks again!

I’m not sure I follow. Are you saying that if you click on an item in a collection, you want it to add a row or set a column value. the save way that column value components in a form can set a value from a parent record? If that’s what you are referring to, then yes it’s possible, but it depends on your setup. You may have to go into greater detail and explain what you are trying to do. Videos and/or screenshots are very useful.

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Thanks @Jeff_Hager I need to explore a bit more but I’ll sure submit more details if I don’t manage to build what I need! I already managed to do a lot thanks to your help!

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