Using Glide Forms with Airtable - Parent and Child Records

I have a process app in Glide that is sitting on an Airtable base. There are 3 main tables in the base: Project Event, Pre-Arrival Info and Indoor Inspection Info. The Project Event is a parent to the linked Pre-Arrival and Indoor Inspection records.

I would like the app to first present, from a button action, a form to Create New Project Event. It only requires the Customer Name and Project Begin Date. Upon submission of that information, I want the app to present a Pre-Arrival form to capture information for that section of the process. I need to relate the Pre-Arrival data record to the parent Project Event using the Project Event ID.

Upon submission of the Pre-Arrival record information, I need to open an Indoor Inspection form to create a record that is also linked as a child to the Project Event ID.

I’ve been able to create the individual forms, but have not been able to automatically call them up at the end of one process. Nor have I been able to pass the Project Event ID to the child records automatically.

Any help here is appreciated!

At this point, I think you might be able to use an on-submit action to set the rowID of the newly added Project Event to a column in your Users table.

Then open the form for Pre-Arrival Info, reference that ID as a special value.

On-submit action of the Pre-Arrival Info form would open the Indoor Inspection Info.

However, you must also take into account the fact that a user may abandon the process mid-way. What would happen in that case?

Thanks ThinhDinh. I’ll try that. We’ve got the abandonment challenge handled. A process manager is overseeing these processes and is in constant contact with our field personnel. So missing information or skipped steps will be challenged in real time.