Stuck on form functionality

I’m a very new user to GlideApps, but totally blown away already. I’ve been spinning my wheels on something for a couple days now, and really hoping this community can help me set up my form, or even possible pay somebody to do it for me. I’m using Airtable to feed Glide.

Background: I’m a travel advisor. If a client (“Clients” table) declines insurance coverage for their trip (“Trips” table, linked back to the client) via a form, I simply want a copy of that form generated for my records, with all the basic info: my logo, the waiver text, client name, client signature, date, and the specific name of the trip their declining coverage on, then I want a PDF generated of that form for my records, which I can then go on to attach to the Trip.

I created a new table for these forms to live (“Insurance” table). Within the app (where the client can view their trips), I used a form container to create the form. It seems to be set up fine, where the logged in User’s name populated. But I am totally stuck on one thing… how can pre-fill the form with the name of the trip?

Within Airtable, I linked the “Trips” and “Client” fields to the “Insurance” table. I have a formula for the name, combining the two into a single string. Within that same table, I also added a lookup field to show the exact text of the trip name, which I want populated on the form before they sign, but I cannot get that trip name to show. I’d imagine it’s because row owners and forms aren’t compatible?

I’ve been spinning my wheels and could really use a nudge. I basically want each trip to have a checkbox for “declining insurance” and when checked (a column on the “Trips” table), then I want a form generated with a signed waiver from my client.

I hope this makes sense - thank you!

Why do you need a copy though? I assume you need to copy a row to a new table, but why don’t you just do it in the original one?

I was thinking you have a button, and when your user clicks it, you can generate a PDF in your original row.