AirTable database to Glide not transferring all info

YES! And I started watching the video @Jeff_Hager recommended (thanks!) but as you can see here from the screenshot, the information I want to filter specifically in this example does not even appear as an option in the details… with the exception of the title.

Again, an array of multiple values cannot be placed into a container that can only accept a single value. For that reason, you need to convert the array into a single value by using a joined list column. At the very basic level, that will create a comma delimited list as a single string of text that you can then display on the details screen, or within the details of your list items. This will allow for a basic text display of the streaming services and allow you to use the built in search functionality.

On a deeper level, you could create a separate table that simply lists all of the streaming services. Then you can create a multiple relation column that links that array to the streaming services table. This would allow you to display an inline list of streaming services on the details screen of each show.

We can go even deeper and build custom filters that utilize that array, and that’s what @Robert_Petitto’s video gets into.

But it seems like your main question is simply for displaying the list of streaming services, so to begin with that, you need to convert it to a single value string and/or create the streaming services table, create the relation, and display an inline list.

Also, it looks like you are currently using the card list layout. I predict that you are going to eventually want to switch that to a Details style layout with an inline list. I say that because you are probably going to want custom filters, and will need a details style layout to achieve that. I also recommend creating a separate single row table (make sure it has at least one row), which you will eventually use as the driver table for your tab. You can then use this table with a bunch of user specific columns to hold the filter values, which can then be loaded into your Shows table using single value columns, and then use IF columns to determine which shows match your filters, and you can filter your list accordingly.


Thank you everyone for your patience! Obviously a first time user here :slight_smile: I think I created the correct “joined list” columns and I selected that they be separated by commas. However, as you can tell from the screenshot, when I try to filter them now, every row is an option.

However, in the folowing screenshot that shows how it happens on AirTable, there are specific options you can filter FROM. Within each project, there may be multiple, so I think that’s why there is confusion? So, for any given movie, it could be available on JUST Hulu but then another one can be available on Hulu AND Amazon.

Lastly, when I tried to create ANOTHER Choice section on the screen (as the video suggests I do for 2 filters together), it won’t let me use PROJECT for their Date: Write To. See screenshot below:

If you want to display the available platforms as text, use the joined list column.

If you want to use the in-app filter, use the array column (I assume Glide syncs your column as an array initially).

I believe I DID use the joined list column, no? It made a new column in my data. I don’t believe the in-app filter worked for me.

I mean in this screenshot, you should try using the array column for the in-app filter instead of the joined list column.

Here in your card, if you want to show the full list of “where to watch”, then you use the joined list column.

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I do not believe the array column appears as an option when I try to set up the in-app filter (using the choice option). You can see here in the drop down for “Values”

However, I believe the inline list now does show the Joined List, so the correct options appear automatically. Just not with a filter yet. Right?

You’re working with a details view now. The in-app filter I’ve mentioned is for the non-details view only (list/tiles/calendar/map/checklist/cards/swipe).

The option should be presented here.

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Okay- I think I have that now but it’s still not allowing me to search properly on purpose. If someone JUST wants to pick Hulu, for example.

These are still what the options in that choice look like:

Am I a lost cause? Haha I appreciate everyone’s patience, but I’m not sure this is possible.

Please switch the tab layout back to the list, and try setting up the filter in this “Show filter” option as I noted above.

You’re still on a details layout, hence it didn’t work.