Not finding a field after connecting Airtable (it appears in the data)

Hello there!
I am building a directory with Airtable as my database.

I attempted to add a “field” on one of my tables on Glide. I wasn’t able to find a specific field I have on my Airtable. It checked the “data” tab" on Glide, and the field is there.
This field has many different “tags”, in the case the type of services they provide.
Is this a bug or a feature ;)?
Because this the tag system is essential for my product. Any idea how I can fix this :slight_smile: ?

It seems like you’re trying to display an array as a text. That won’t work, whether it’s an Airtable array or a Glide-computed array.

You can try a join list column and join the text of those tags together, then use that to display.

What component are you trying to use for the array, though?

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Hey ThinhDinh! Tyvm for your response1
Just to clarify, I am on Glide-pages not apps :slight_smile:

I am pretty new to this ;). I wasn’t able to find the component I wanted, I assumed it would be found in “fields”. Although that specific list isn’t there.

Arrays can only be used with components that accept an array of multiple values. Single values can only be used with components that accept single values. Not very many components can work with an array. As @ThinhDinh suggested, you can convert the array to a single value, but it would help to understand what exactly you are trying to do with that array. Just display it on the screen?


Hello Jeff :slight_smile: ,
Tyson for your reply!

Which component can accept multiple values in this case?

To further demonstrate what I am looking for, and what I have.

The field I am looking to bring in to my Glide Web App is a column which has different tags(values) on my Airtable directory. These tags explain the different “professions” the listed person within the directory has. This function is there to help the end user with filtering and searching.

Was I able to explain is it well enough ^_^? If there is anything that is unclear, I’d really be happy to clarify.

Thank you so much again for your time!

Well, if you are asking about specific components that can work with arrays, the image component is one of them, but only in glide apps, and not very useful in your case. If you are just looking to display the tags on the screen, have you tried the suggestion to use a joined list column to convert the array to a text string?


Good to know about the images :slight_smile: .
I will be looking to dive in more into using a joined list column to convert the array to a text string, I am still a newbie, I will update if it works :slight_smile: .
Tyvm again!

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Hey Jeff :slight_smile: ,
I have continued my research.
I am not able to find a “joined list” -like function in the Airtable. So I am not sure it could solve it.
:thinking: :saluting_face:

Any other directions?
Tyvm :slight_smile:

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Thank you Jeff :),
I went over that ^_^. Although the function it speaks of, is within the Glide data editor. And not in Airtable. In airtable I am not aware of any “joinedlist” style of a function.

Yeah, just create the joined list column in the glide data editor. There is no need to do that in airtable.


Got it! Ty :)!

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