Array column not offered in cards

I got an airtable base with a multiple select field.
This shows up as an array field in glide.
Ex: say the multiple select record (array in glide is): Large Medium Small

I want to pull this field and show it in my cards/tiles and details windows, but this array field is not offered.

Appreciate help

Hi @arruga,

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Make that Array Column a comma separated list with a Joined List Column!

See here : Display Airtable Multiple Select Column in Glide.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you

Thanks great.
Many thanks for your reply!

Can I ask you… is it possible to form a component which is a string of two or more joined inputs? For example, if my field is “S, M, L”, can I make it display “Size: S, M, L” by joining the string “Size” with the field entry “S, M, L”?

Thanks again

Yes, you can do that with a template column.