Airtable Muti Select, Single Select, And Linked records

I am trying to give my logged in users the ability to view and edit fields that come from multi and single select as well as Linked records but this does not seem to be possible.

See video for more details

If you have array type columns, that means they are not single value columns. They can potentially hold multiple values as an array. With that, you cannot place an array (of multiple values) into a container that can only hold a single value. You may need to use a Joined List column to convert the array into a single comma delimited list, which would be a single text value. Then you you can display that joined list on the screen.

Column components in a form are values from the parent table that you can pass directly through the form to a destination column without the need for a visible entry component on the screen.

  • What is a “Joined List column” and how do I use it?
  • If I created a single comma delimited list as text would that field be able to be edited.
  • How do you pass data in Column components in a form?

Spend some time with the documentation. It will explain what all of these column types are.

If it’s a Joined List column, then no you don’t edit it because it’s a computed column based on values in a different column. You edit the source column. Not the Joined List column.

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