Choice Component - One selection at a time

I am using a Choice Component in my app and I’d like to limit the option to only allow the user to chose one rather then many. In fact right now all the options can be selected. This choice component is connected to a linked record. Is there any way to limit this to one selection?

Make sure you have multi-select turned off on your choice component settings.

I can’t seem to find that option

It looks like you are trying to write the selected choice to a relation. Let me ask this…are you using Airtable as a data source? Normally you don’t write to a relation and should be writing to a basic column instead. But, I believe that there is some exception when you have linked records in airtable. Since linked records can have multiple items, I assume that’s why you are defaulted to multi-select for your choice component.

Can you explain a little more why you have your choice component writing the selected value to CurrentProjects, especially if you are not using Airtable as your data source?

Normally I would expect to see something like this.


I am using Airtable. I started with Airtable and put all my products into that data base then I discovered Glide. As far as why I’m having a ‘choice component writing the selected value to CurrentProjects’ it just seemed like it worked. I’m new to this and now I’m wondering did I structure the hole data base wrong?

I wouldn’t necessarily say that you are doing anything wrong. The way you have it set up is obviously possible and apparently working, except for the fact that your can select multiple choices.

I think the main issue is that your are writing to a type of column that it designed to hold multiple values, and likewise allows you to set multiple values. It’s probably just the way glide is integrating with this type of airtable column.

I may have to defer to someone who is more familiar with Airtable. I don’t use it, but if I did, I would probably keep it simple and only use it as a place to store data without using linked records or some of the other fancy stuff that airtable provides. From what I understand, some things between Glide and Airtable are kind of weird.

I guess what I would do is have a normal basic column to write the choice value to. If you need a relation that links the chosen project to the projects table, then I would create a relation column in glide to link the two tables together using the selected choice. I would probably need to see more of an explanation of your app, the data, and how everything connects together to fully understand what you are trying to do and what you need to do.

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Thank you for the help! I think I am spinning my wheels I know what I need to make happen but just can’t seam to get there. Can I hire you to help? I’m not sure if that’s a service you provide but I could use some help from time to time when I get struck. Please let me know, this is something I would be interested in.

Hello ! I found a solution to your issue. You have to edit your linked column in airtable and uncheck " allow linked to multiple record "

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